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The Math Center is staffed by Applied Math faculty, graduate students from the Applied Math group, and trained undergraduate students. Whenever you visit, you can be sure a math professional will be available to help you work through your math-related challenges.

Faculty Members

  • Yue Lei, Ph.D., Lecturer with Security of Employment
  • Haik Stepanian, M.S., Continuing Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Former Coordinator of The Math Center

Graduate Student Assistants

  • Omar DeGuchy

Undergraduate Instructional Assistants


Bio: Chris is a Bioengineering major with interests in biomaterials and tissue engineering. Outside of work and school Chris enjoys hiking and taking long walks on the beach. Chris joined to help his fellow student develop a passion for and understanding of math.


Bio: I am Martin Hernandez. I transferred into the engineering program at UC Merced after taking courses offered at San Francisco State University and Merced College. My interests are in renewable energy technology and intelligent transportation systems. Personally, I have a hobby of collecting rocks and minerals, and I often find myself at the bowling alley. I joined the Math Center to further develop my tutoring and teaching skills.



Bio: Reagan is a Biological Sciences major with an emphasis in Human Biology. She is also involved on campus as a Peer Health Educator and is a member of Tri Delta. Reagan joined The Math Center because she wanted to help students realize that anyone can be good at math. 


Bio: Eshita Nandini is an Applied Mathematics major with an interest in computational statistics. She likes traveling, taking photos, and doing yoga. Eshita joined the math center because she wanted to help students learn to love mathematics while excelling their potential in it. 


Bio: Jacob is a Mechanical Engineering student with an interest in controls, aerodynamics, and propulsion. Jacob is involved with many club projects on campus and aspires to work at SpaceX or NASA. Jacob joined the math center to make math less arduous for students by getting them excited about math.


Bio: Eli is a Mechanical Engineering major with an interest in mechatronics and controls. While not doing math Eli likes to hang glide or slack line. Eli joined to math center to help students achieve their potential and to learn effective ways of helping others.


Bio: Cory McCullough is an Applied Mathematics major with an emphasis in Computation and Data Science and hopes to one day become a university professor. Cory joined The Math Center to not only help others better understand math, but also to gain better understanding himself.When not studying math, Cory enjoys spending time at home with his family and playing music.


Bio: Kayla is a Computer Science and Engineering Major with an interest in computational and data sciences. While not attending school or working, she loves to laugh and talk to people, a complete extrovert. She has 5 cats and aspires to be the “cool crazy cat lady” in her old age. Kayla joined the Math Center to learn how to teach and help other students understand and utilize math in their courses and beyond.


Bio: Shannon is a fourth year Computer Science and Engineering major. In her spare time she likes baking, reading, and spending time with friends. She enjoys working at the Math Center for the opportunity to help students do their best in math.



  • Alisha Kimble, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education
  • Luis Carrasco, M.A., Coordinator of The Math Center